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Our team here at B&C is proud to be collaborating with a number of great media partners in an effort to share our perspectives gained over 40 years in the financial services industry. 



Sean’s Market Minute:

clockSean Clarke, Baldwin & Clarke’s Managing Director of Investment Advisory, spends his days and has dedicated his career helping clients successfully navigate the ever changing market. In this new short form podcast series,  we are excited to share Sean’s informed perspective on key market trends and timely financial topics derived from his work crafting and implementing customized investment strategies.

06-05-17 – Sean Clarke’s 2017 Market Update

01-03-17 – Sean Clarke’s 2017 Market Update

9-26-16 – September 2016 Market Update

8-29-16 – Sean Clarke’s August 2016 Market Update

7-25-16 – Sean Clarke’s Market Minute

5-26-16 – Sean Clarke’s May 2016 Market Update

4-14-16 – Sean Clarke’s April 2016 Market Update

3-10-16 – Sean Clarke’s March 2016 Market Update

2-10-16 – Sean Clarke’s February 2016 Market Update

1-12-16 – Sean Clarke’s Early Thoughts on 2016

12-8-15 – Sean Clarke Outlines 4 Key Factors in 2016


iHeartMedia NH:


We are fortunate to work with iHeartMedia New Hampshire and the fine folks at WGIR AM-610 and News Radio 96.7 as an official financial expert. The last Monday of every month at 7:30 AM representatives from Baldwin & Clarke will join NH Today host Jack Heath live in studio to discuss today’s financial headlines and explain important issues affecting NH residents. Equally as important, we hope our segment provides listeners with a trusted place to turn for their own questions. Live shows can also be accessed streaming over the internet via iHeartRadio!


Our most recent appearance:

4-24-17: Chuck Baldwin drops in on NH Today to talk Exit Planning for business owners. What is it? Why is it important? And how do you drive value for you and your business through this process? Chuck provides these answers and more in his conversation with Jack Heath!


Radio Entrepreneurs:


Our professionals have been thrilled to work with Radio Entrepreneurs, an internet-based radio program that provides advice, information and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers and established companies. This program shares the stories daily of entrepreneurs in the interest of giving more exposure to innovative and fast moving companies while creating a knowledge pool for the enrichment of the entrepreneurial community around the world.


Our most recent appearance:

Chuck Baldwin & Bill Conrad review the 10 pitfalls to avoid in selling your business with host Jeff Davis on Radio Entrepreneurs.


Our iHeartMedia/NH Today Radio Archives:


4-3-17: On B&C’s monthly NH Today appearance, Sean Clarke delves into the political impact on the markets, what to think about asset allocated portfolio performance vs the broader S&P 500 index, and how to approach saving for retirement.

2-27-17: Chuck Baldwin and Jack Heath discuss the Key Market Themes of 2017, what investors should be thinking about this year and what factors could we see dampen the market.

01-30-17: Sean Clarke and Jack Heath discuss economic growth assumptions for 2017, how to manage expectations after a strong close to 2016 and why it might be smart to consider rebalancing your portfolio. 

01-03-17: Sean Clarke rings in the New Year with his thoughts on the catalysts behind “Trumph Effect,” his early 2017 market outlook and why entrepreneurs may want to check out B&C’s new Client Discovery Matrix. All on NH Today.


11-28-16: Chuck Baldwin checks in with Jack Heath on NH Today’s Ask The Expert segment to discuss life insurance policy audits and why they are now more important than ever.

10-31-16: Sean Clarke runs point for B&C’s October Ask The Expert segment on NH Today to share his insight on the impact of a presidential transition in addition to providing a general market outlook as we close in on 2017

9-26-16: On NH Today’s Ask the Expert segment, Chuck Baldwin gets with Jack Heath to talk about 1) navigating a market with a heighten risk profile and tempered returned expectations, and 2) managing individual investment strategies by properly balancing risk with reward.

8-29-16: Sean Clarke joins Jack Heath on NH Today to talk about the ever influx interest rate outlook, how market favor has shifted from growth to value stocks in addition to sharing his thoughts on how to gain the right exposure to the market through a diversified portfolio approach.

7-25-16: Sean Clarke discusses market performance at the midpoint of the year, his expectations for earnings season and his thoughts on market reactions to corporate results and how to position accordingly.

6-27-16: Sean Clarke appears on NH Today’s Ask The Expert segment to talk about the impact of the Brexit and how to respond in the wake of this historical vote.

4-25-16: Sean Clarke shares his current market observations given the recent earnings numbers this week and continues with a discussion about how to remove some risk out of your investments.

3-28-16: Chuck Baldwin checks in with NH Today to talk about the merits of business exit planning and how it can both preserve and enhance the value of your company.

1-25-16: Chuck Baldwin shares his thoughts on some important economic indicators in addition to providing some capital markets expectations for the year to come on NH Today with Jack Heath.


12-28-15 – Sean Clarke weighs in on the Fed’s recent moves, important macro influences on the economy and the market as well as active vs. passive investing during his December 2015 NH Today appearance.

11-30-15 – Check out B&C’s November Podcast from NH Today with Chuck Baldwin, where Chuck shares valuable retirement insights.

10-26-15: Sean Clarke weighs in on NH Today with Jack Heath to talk about third quarter earnings results, global influences on US growth, and local economic trends

9-28-15Chuck Baldwin weighs in on the specter of a Fed interest rate hike and provides thoughts on whether the market is going through a correction or turning towards a bear cycle

8-31-15: Sean Clarke joins Jack Heath to talk about recent market volatility and the benefits of maintaining a long-term investment perspective 

7-27-15: Chuck Baldwin joins Jack Heath on NH Today to share his market insights and view on the US economy

6-29-15: Sean Clarke gets together with Jack Heath on NH Today to talk Greek crisis, 1st half market performance, and retirement readiness

5-26-15: Chuck Baldwin reviews retirement preparation and the B&C Retirement Readiness Checklist with Jack Heath 

4-27-15: Sean Clarke gets together with Jack Heath to talk market outlooks and economic updates

3-30-15: Chuck Baldwin weighs in on how the strengthening dollar and other economic indicators may impact the mindset and game plan of consumers and investors alike

1-26-15: Bill Conrad talks important considerations of the M&A process post letter of intent.


12-29-14:   Chuck Baldwin gets into macroeconomic headwinds and their impact on today’s markets.

12-15-14:  Baldwin & Clarke and Stinson Associates collaborate on a year-end financial & tax planning strategy podcast.

11-24-14: Sean Clarke gets together with Jack Heath to talk energy prices, market positioning, and year-end investment strategies.

10-27-14: Chuck Baldwin addresses headline news, prevailing economic conditions, and shares his thoughts on how investors can best navigate market volatility.

9-29-14: Sean Clarke speaks with Jack Heath about the current conditions of the US and global economies and the respective states of the market.

8-25-14: Chuck Baldwin speaks with Jack Heath about the utility and benefit of life insurance when it comes to business and estate planning.

7-28-14: Sean Clarke talks with Jack Heath about international turmoil impacting the markets and the NH business climate.

6-30-14: Sean Clarke provides perspective: 1) The market at the halfway point, 2) Whether the market is getting ahead of the economy, and 3) How to identify opportunities in the midst of a strong market run.

5-27-14: Chuck Baldwin & Bill Conrad share thoughts on exit planning, valuation, and maximizing the value of your business in a sale.

4-28-14: Tim Paradis & Sean Clarke hold Q&A session on 2014 market positioning, how to transition your business to the next generation, and more.

3-31-14: Sean Clarke & Tim Paradis discuss planning strategies for tax season.

3-7-14: Tim Paradis details the impact of Ukraine unrest and  the recent market volatility.

2-24-14:  Chuck Baldwin talks Baldwin & Clarke integrated offerings, universal concerns of entrepreneurs, and the current economic climate.

2-04-14: Tim Paradis calls into NH Today to talk market correction with Jack Heath.

1-27-14: Sean Clarke & Tim Paradis discuss how to react to strong market run & provide overview of Baldwin & Clarke.


7-25-13: B&C Principal Chuck Baldwin speaks with Jack Heath re: Detroit’s bankruptcy situation.


Our Radio Entrepreneur archives:

12-8-14 – Chuck Baldwin & Bill Conrad review the 10 pitfalls to avoid in selling your business with host Jeff Davis on Radio Entrepreneurs.

10-21-14 – Chuck Baldwin is interviewed by Radio Entrepreneurs.


Please Note:

The content and language expressed in our radio appearances should not be construed or interpreted as investment recommendations or advice. The content provided on this page is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Actual investment or financial advice provided by Baldwin & Clarke professionals is individually tailored to each client and their unique individual circumstances and needs. You should consult your personal investment advisor for information and/or advice applicable to your individual circumstances.

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