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WHEN:See Events page for time and location of upcoming event.
WHAT:A hands-on workshop (not a “presentation”) reflecting Baldwin & Clarke’s 45 years of experience advising business owners on exit and continuity planning.
WHY:Every business owner “exits” his or her business someday. It could be the result of sale, a transfer to family or employees, or “dying with my boots on.” A planned exit enables business owners to exit when they want, to whom they want, for what they want.


  • A completed Exit Path Worksheet specific to you and your company that takes you through every phase of what it takes to prepare you and your company for a successful exit, transition and retirement.
  • A Discovery Report providing a realistic estimate of your company’s current and potential value and identifies the three things that most drive value creation in your company.
  • How your preparedness for an exit compares to other businesses.
  • Self-evaluation questionnaires to help you focus on exit path goals and strategies.
  • A complimentary copy of the best-selling exit planning book: “Exit Planning: The Definitive Guide”.
  • An understanding of those things that need to be considered to achieve a successful exit.
  • Some questionnaires to help you discover your readiness with respect to those considerations.
  • A completed Exit Path Finder Workbook.
  • A copy of “Exit Planning: The Definitive Guide” by attorney John H. Brown, founder of Business Enterprise Institute (“BEI”).
  • A no-cost opportunity to:
    • Get an estimate of your company’s current and potential value.
    • Learn what three value drivers most impact your company’s value.
  • A complimentary follow-up consultation, if desired.

To Register for the Exit Path Workshop:

Please RSVP to Melissa Pronovost – (800) 639-2711 or

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