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Your B&C WealthDirect personal financial website is a financial information and management tool that allows you to monitor your wealth 24/7. It provides a global view of your financial picture and a virtual vault, where you can store all your valuable documents.“One stop to view all of your essential finances.”

Welcome to B&C WealthDirect:

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Benefits of B&C WealthDirect:

1 – You decide what elements of B&C WealthDirect will help you organize your financial life:

 Consolidated personal dashboard

 Track your spending

 Library of content to increase your financial knowledge

 Chart progress against planning goals

 Track and aggregate reward programs

 Daily updates of important balances

 Monitor your budget & cash flow

 Run “What If” scenarios for savings & retirement goals

 Interactive investment data


2 – One stop to view all of your essential financial information

Create web connections for your own external financial resources, including 401k plans, bank accounts, mortgages, life insurance and more.


3 – Simplify Access Anywhere

Access your financial accounts from your mobile device at anytime. See an example.


4 – Store All Of Your Important Documents In One Place

Create a personal secure digital vault for your wills, trusts, POAs, tax returns, insurance policies, medical information, birth certificates, driver’s licenses and any other important documents that can be uploaded electronically. It gives you access to these documents anytime and anywhere.


5 – Alerts and Alarms

Set up customized tasks that allow you to create reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, even tax filings and CD maturities. Create alerts for your weekly financial summary, large expenses on a credit card, bank fees and more.


6 – Safe and Secure

Provides a highly secure avenue to access important data. B&C WealthDirect employs the most advanced security features and protocols to keep data safe, private and secure 24/7/365. It has the highest encryption using a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer to scramble your sensitive data to prevent access to unauthorized users. Other comprehensive security protection measures include password protection, firewalls, intrusion detection (by the likes of McAfee, TraceSecurity, and WhiteHat Security), audits and inspections. B&C WealthDirect is certified hacker safe and is non-transactional, so unlike online banking, trading or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn, or accessed on our system.


7 – Collaborate More Effectively With Your Advisor

Screen share your advisor from anywhere without the need for third-party software.


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