Firm Evolution

Delivering a holistic, higher level of planning.

The foundation of The Baldwin & Clarke Companies has been, and continues to be an unfailing motivation to deliver real value to our clients in a manner that exceeds their expectations. The genesis of this focus comes from our Principals and Founders, Chuck Baldwin and Jack Clarke, who have guided the evolution of our organization into a multi-disciplinary financial services firm with integrated service offerings.

The nascent of Baldwin & Clarke began not too long after Chuck and Jack’s time at Northeastern. Shortly after graduation, Jack had embarked on a career designing pension plans as income tax savings strategies for his clients while Chuck’s activities principally centered on developing estate and business continuity plans.  At this juncture, pension plans were useful as estate planning tools as well as tax savings tools.  Their clients needed both, so it made sense to combine forces.  In addition, they were both offering risk management solutions with tax-deductible life insurance in pensions to meet estate liquidity and business continuity needs. The combination of these pursuits and strategies served as the foundation and origin of our multi-disciplinary integrated solution process that guides our service offerings to entrepreneurs and to successful individuals and families to this day.

page111As their business grew, clients appreciated the caring and thoughtful approach and asked us to help them in other areas such as investment banking and wealth management. We listened, and as a result, we evolved into four companies with expanded service offerings designed to provide comprehensive financial solutions in a personalized, relationship-driven manner.