Investment Banking

Since 1986 we have successfully completed transactions totaling in excess of $1.2 billion, including over $500 million in capital raised.

Our investment banking activities, facilitated through Baldwin & Clarke Corporate Finance, Inc. (“BCCF”), assists its clients in making and implementing sound strategies to maximize corporate and shareholder value. When the implementation of these decisions involves financial transactions, we represent our clients at every stage, from inception to closing, from recommendation of terms to negotiations of the final agreement. Clients use our broad perspective and depth of experience to give them the edge in their corporate finance decisions, with confidence and trust inspired by over 25 years of success in handling our clients’ most sensitive financial matters.

Our dedicated team is here for you: Our team is comprised of experienced, successful investment banking and valuation specialists with a wide variety of industry experience and corporate expertise. The acumen of our investment banking team includes individuals with extensive and diverse backgrounds in public and private securities offerings, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, banking, public accounting, and appraisal and valuation analysis.

“You typically only get one chance to get things right.” – Jack Clarke 

By helping understand how value is created, we assist business owners and senior execs in the development of business and financial strategies through the implementation of institutional processes, sophisticated analytical rigor, and most importantly, an unfailing attention to our client’s best interests.

Corportate Finance Team 


We have developed a Value Maximization Process to ensure that our clients receive maximum net benefits in the sale of their ownership interests.
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Our investment banking background includes extensive experience advising our clients on  the acquisition of growth capital to meet their objectives.
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Our valuation team, which includes two Accredited Senior Appraisers (“ASA”) and a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”), has prepared valuations of close to 300 privately-held companies for a wide variety of purposes.
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We assist clients in developing an understanding of how to maximize shareholder value. Our financial advisory engagements have included developing complex financial models…
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