Our Approach

We do NOT focus on a transaction or view our services as a bolt-on. To do so would be reactive. For over 40 years and running, we employ financial strategies that are forward-thinking and proactive in an effort to create clear, actionable, and cohesive roadmaps for your financial and business goals. We employ an integrated approach to financial services that affords our clients the ability to effectively coordinate their personal and professional planning requirements.

  • We start with a conversation and a thorough understanding of what matters most.
  • We align your salient goals & objectives with the planning of your other advisors in an integrated & energized fashion.
  • We can provide an umbrella of companies working in concert to bring independent perspectives and depth of knowledge to address the universal concerns of wealth accumulation, business transfer, and wealth transfer.

Benefits to the B&C Approach:

  • Independent
  • Flexible
  • Transparent
  • Product diversity
  • Ongoing research
  • Privacy
  • Holistic
  • Available
We are a boutique, highly personalized firm. This dynamic enables relationships to be established and goals to be understood.  By harnessing the resources and the professional acumen within our four companies, clients get the benefit of our expertise from all of our disciplines as appropriate. Our professionals in one company will draw on the other disciplines as needed to ensure that a comprehensive integrated solution is created. While our organizational structure affords both individuals and companies the ability to access and leverage a diverse set of advisory services across the breadth of our organization, there is no obligation to do so. Clients have the freedom to simply work closely with their trusted advisor.