Advanced Financial Planning

Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services, Inc. (BCASI) is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that provides clients with a full platform of fee-based financial planning solutions tailored to meet specific client objectives.  Our financial and estate planning team works closely with each client to create a custom plan designed to fit their specific goals and circumstances.

Think of a financial plan as a road map. However, a road map offers no benefit without first knowing where you are and having a clear destination in mind. Accordingly, BCASI’s planning process begins with getting to know our clients and their financial situation, no matter what type of planning we are assisting them with. We then help them think through their destination in a number of financial planning areas. This is the most critical phase of the planning process. It works because we know the questions to ask and appreciate that each client and their families are unique.

Once our client’s financial situation is clearly understood and their destinations well defined, we analyze and project to help determine if their current plans are likely to get them to their desired destinations or will miss the marks. The plan then offers a number of alternative routes, each intended to ultimately get them to their destination. This is just the beginning of the process. We then coordinate plan implementation and monitor the results on an ongoing basis.

Close collaboration with our clients and their existing advisors is at the heart of our approach and continues throughout the process. Clients often view us as the quarterback who integrates all aspects of their planning.