Integrated Financial Planning Solution


Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services’ Integrated Financial Planning Solution is focused on those things that you tell us are most important to you, your family and your business, if applicable. Our objective is clear: Your peace of mind.

Uniquely, we provide a multi-disciplinary integrated approach to comprehensive financial planning, as we can draw upon the expertise of all four of the Baldwin & Clarke Companies in developing your plan. The Integrated Financial Planning Solution combines risk management, wealth accumulation, education funding, retirement planning, estate planning and business continuity or exit planning, if appropriate, into an integrated whole [1] . We also coordinate with your existing advisors in the development of your plan, so that you and your family benefit from everyone’s best thinking.

Developing your Integrated Wealth Planning Solution is a collaborative, fee only process. The Discovery phase of the planning enables us to understand where you are today and helps you discover and prioritize your planning needs and opportunities. The Planning phase produces a detailed analysis that presents a number of planning options for your consideration. The pros and cons of each are discussed so you can make informed decisions and have confidence in them. Finally, we work with you and your advisors in the Implementation phase.  

While no two financial plans are the same, you can reasonably expect that your plan will enable you to develop clarity and specificity regarding your goals and objectives and include (as appropriate):

  • A review of assets and liabilities.
  • A detailed ten-year projection of income, expenses, income taxes and net worth.
  • An analysis of education costs and funding strategies.
  • A retirement income needs and funding analysis
  • A risk management assessment, including disability and survivor income needs and funding strategies.
  • An asset allocation study based on current/future assets, liabilities and spending goals.
  • A “scrubbing” of will and trust documents, life, disability and long term care insurance policies, and tax returns.
  • A review of all employee benefit programs.
  • A discussion of planning problem areas.
  • A discussion of planning considerations and opportunities
  • Estate planning considerations.
  • Implementation and follow through.


The interactive process typically takes three meetings; additional meetings are scheduled as needed, as outlined below:

1 – Initial Interview and Data Gathering: Discovery

  • We lead a discussion aimed at helping you articulate and refine the financial needs and goals of you, your family and your business, if applicable. This discussion will also help us to understand your family values and how they should be integrated into any planning solutions.
  • Gather financial information (personal and business).
  • Collect documents.

2 – Data Confirmation:

  • Confirm your Goals and Objectives.
  • Review our data and initial plan calculations.
  • Confirm our planning assumptions.

3 – Plan Delivery and Implementation:

  • Present the completed plan to you and your advisors.
  • Develop an implementation action plan based upon the planning strategies you select.
  • Assist you and your advisors with plan implementation.

4 – On-going Monitoring:

  • Plans are modified and additional planning opportunities are presented to coincide with changes in your goals and financial situation or in the tax and economic environment.


The planning aspect of private wealth management business has changed dramatically over the last several years; and not necessarily positively.  With so many large investment groups pushing clients into pre-packaged solutions, we believe there is a better way. We have an open architecture approach to planning and implementation. Our longevity proves that that there is still a great deal of room for a highly focused, private wealth manager to work with and on behalf of successful individuals and families.


[1] Sometimes clients’ needs do not require a comprehensive plan. In those circumstances, modular analysis and planning will be tailored to a specific client need or question.