Integrated Wealth Transfer Solution

Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services, Inc. (BCASI) provides clients a full service of wealth management. Fee based estate and wealth transfer planning (Legacy Planning) is a key component of those services.

In reviewing many estate plans, we find that these plans often reflect a series of uncoordinated tactical strategies implemented over a period of time, or are based solely on what we call the “legal” or “financial” approaches. Our Legacy Plan process results in a comprehensive and coordinated values-based plan as we find that many estate owners are interested in transferring more than their financial wealth to future generations. In addition to developing a plan that provides tax savings opportunities, a BCASI developed plan can help provide the tools that may advance family values, preserve, protect, empower and perpetuate family wealth, and many times fulfill family philanthropic objectives.

Our approach enables clients to discover, refine and clearly articulate legacy objectives that go beyond the preservation and transfer of financial wealth. They develop a vision for how they would like their wealth to benefit them, their family, future generations and, possibly, causes of interest to the family. Facilitating this discovery process helps us understand what is truly important to our clients. This enables us to design a plan which addresses each client’s specific wealth transfer objectives, unique family needs and philosophy as to how their wealth should benefit future generations. Our process brings clarity to the client’s vision, illustrates how that vision integrates into the planning and educates the client regarding appropriate planning options. It thus becomes a powerful decision making tool that facilitates the establishment of the client’s own wealth transfer strategy. We look forward to working with a client’s existing legal and tax advisors whenever possible in plan design and implementation and we consider them an integrated part of the planning process.


The Benefits of a BCASI Integrated Wealth Transfer Solution

The benefits which you, your family and future generations might enjoy from a BCASI designed Legacy plan would, by definition, be unique to your vision and circumstances. However, results like the following have been achieved for other clients:

  • Significant estate and inheritance tax savings.
  • The preservation, rather than dissipation, of family wealth for multiple generations.
  • Providing inheritances that empower and encourage heirs rather than destroying their self-worth and initiative.
  • The multi-generation transfer of assets along blood lines.
  • A “fair” distribution of family wealth when less than all of the heirs are actively and productively involved in the operation of a family business.
  • A successful business continuity plan.

While no two plans are the same, most plans will include:

  • The development of the client’s legacy planning vision and specific objectives.
  • A thorough review of existing will, trust, and related documents, planning strategies, income tax returns and life insurance policies.
  • The preparation of an estate balance sheet.
  • A twenty-year projection of income, estate and inheritance taxes due at death, before and after planning.
  • A review of the financial and estate problem areas identified by the initial screening and tax projection.
  • A determination of their Secure Capital Base (i.e., the amount of capital they wish to retain for their lifetime financial security). Only assets in excess of this amount are currently available for gifting strategies or philanthropic gifts.
  • A presentation of estate and inheritance tax reduction opportunities and strategies.
  • A discussion of charitable planning opportunities which may benefit the client and heirs as well as charities.
  • Multi-generation tax and distribution planning.
  • Risk management planning.
  • Will and trust planning.
  • Asset protection (from creditors, lawsuits and divorce) planning for the client and future generations.
  • A presentation of “before and after” calculations of amounts left to heirs, charities and the IRS.
  • Planning implementation and follow through with other advisors.

More than ever, high net worth individuals and families need true independence, open-architecture and transparency from their investment management and planning advisor. They need that advisor to truly understand them and their objectives and to put their needs ahead of its own. BCASI is that advisor.