Valuation Listing


Type of BusinessValuation DateCorporate FormRevenues
($ Millions)
 Purpose of Valuation
Investment advisorOct-15S Corp.$81.1 Buy-Sell Agreement
Real Estate LLCSep-15LLC$3.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Real Estate LPAug-15LP$21.3 Estate taxes
Auto Parts Wholesale and RetailJul-15S Corp.$30.1 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Electronic Payment ProcessingJun-15C Corp.$- Refinancing
Auto Parts Wholesale and RetailJun-15S Corp.$30.1 Estate taxes
Electronic Manufacturing ServicesMay-15S Corp.$20.6 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
RV CampgroundFeb-15S Corp.$9.8(1)Sale valuation
Asset Holding CompanyJan-15FLP$9.1(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
MarinaDec-14S Corp.$4.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorOct-14S Corp.$68.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset Holding CompanySep-14LLC$2.9(1)Estate taxes
Technology CompanyJul-14LLC$0.1 Section 301 Distribution of Property
Retailer of Sparting Gear and ApparelJun-14S Corp.$55.2 Buy-Sell Agreement
Data ProviderMay-14LLC$2.1 Shareholder Buyout
Asset Holding CompanyMay-14S Corp.$122.5(1)Estate taxes
ManufacturerDec-13S Corp.$4.4 Sale valuation
TransportationDec-13S Corp.$11.5 Estate taxes
ManufacturerDec-13S Corp.$16.7 Estate taxes
Trailer Sales and ServiceDec-13S Corp.$39.4 Sale valuation
Asset Holding CompanyOct-13LLC$0.9(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorOct-13S Corp.$65.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Data ProviderOct-13C Corp.$0.2 IRC Sec. 409a (emp benefits)
Asset Holding CompanyOct-13LLC$2.2(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset Holding CompanyOct-13LLC$4.6(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Therapy ProviderOct-13LLC$3.2 Shareholder Buyout
Auto Parts Wholesale and RetailOct-13S Corp.$30.8 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Distributor of Heating OilsJul-13S Corp.$66.6 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Hotel OpetatorJun-13S Corp.$1.4 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Real Estate LLCJun-13LLC$3.8(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Private Equity GroupJun-13LLC$2.0(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Distributor of printed circuit boardsJun-13S Corp.$20.2(1)Buy-Sell Agreement
Private Equity GroupApr-13LLC$22.2(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
DMEApr-13LLC$3.4 Sale Valuation
ManufacturerApr-13C Corp.$19.9 IRC Sec. 409a (emp benefits)
Power GenerationApr-13LLC$27.8(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Specialty Finance CompanyMar-13S Corp.$29.6 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Real estate LLCMar-13LLC$3.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Art GalleryMar-13C Corp.$2.3(1)Estate taxes
Real estate LLCMar-13LLC$12.0(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Security systemsDec-12C Corp.$7.9 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Real estate LLCDec-12LLC$11.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset Holding CompanyNov-12LLC$14.0(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Private Equity GroupNov-12LLC$20.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorOct-12S Corp.$51.3 Buy-Sell Agreement
Cargo CompanySep-12Ltd$24.4 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset Holding CompanyJul-12FLP$8.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Retailer of Sporting Gear and ApparelJul-12S Corp.$46.3 Buy-Sell Agreement
Foodservice DistributorJun-12S Corp.$144.7 Sale valuation
Asset Holding CompanyMay-12LLC$1.4 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset Holding CompanyMay-12LLC$1.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Hot Tub RetailerMar-12LLC$4.7 Sale valuation
Technology CompanyFeb-12LLC$- Fund Raising – Development Stage
Data ProviderJan-12C Corp.$0.4 Buy-Sell Agreement
Data ProviderJan-12C Corp$0.4 Fund Raising
Asset Holding CompanyJan-12LLC$2.5(1)Estate taxes
On-line training and communicationsDec-11C Corp.$10.5 Options valuation
ServicesOct-11S Corp.$2.5 Sale valuation
ManufacturerSep-11LLC$3.4 Sale valuation
Investment advisorAug-11S Corp.$43.7 Buy-Sell Agreement
Distributor of heating oilsJul-11S Corp.$62.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
ManufacturerJun-11C Corp.$17.7 Strategic planning
ManufacturerMay-11LLC$10.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-11S Corp.$44.4 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding companyApr-11LLC$5.2(1)Estate taxes
Promissory notesApr-11NA$2.8(1)Estate taxes
Option AgreementApr-11NA$5.2(1)Estate taxes
Marketable securitiesApr-11LLC$10.0(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Printing and advertisingApr-11LLC$4.6 Shareholder Buyout
Aviation charter companyMar-11S Corp.$2.6(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyMar-11LLC$1.2(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyMar-11LLC$3.8(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companyMar-11LLC$0.3(1)Estate taxes
Distributor of heating oilsFeb-11LLC$4.3 Shareholder Buyout
Hedge fund investmentsFeb-11LLC$11.1(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Security systemsDec-10C Corp.$7.8 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorDec-10C Corp.$2.7 Matrimonial Action
Promissory noteDec-10NA$0.6(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyNov-10LLC$5.4(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyNov-10LLC$0.6(1)Sale valuation
Asset holding companyNov-10LLC$1.2(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyNov-10LLC$2.8(1)Estate taxes
Investment advisorSep-10S Corp.$29.9 Buy-Sell Agreement
Manufacturer of vacuum pumpsSep-10S Corp.$4.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Manufacturer of durable equipmentJun-10LLC$1.0 IRS Sec. 409a (emp benefits)
Low income housing projectJun-10LP$0.5 Fund Raising
Manufacturer of healthcare devicesApr-10S Corp.$4.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companyApr-10LLC$6.2(1)Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding companyApr-10LLC$12.3(1)Buy-Sell Agreement
Software for cemeteries & funeral homesJan-10C Corp.$5.8 IRS Sec. 409a (emp benefits)
Asset holding companyJan-10LLC$1.1(1)Buy-Sell Agreement
Manufacturer of durable equipmentDec-09S Corp.$45.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Aviation charter companyDec-09S Corp.$167.9 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companyDec-09LLC$0.8(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Electrical distributorNov-09C Corp.$26.5 Redemption
Asset holding companyOct-09LLC$0.9 Sale valuation
Investment advisorOct-09LP$3.0(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorOct-09S Corp.$22.4 Buy-Sell Agreement
Low income housing projectSep-09LP$0.6 Fund Raising
Asset holding companySep-09LLC$7.3(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companySep-09LLC$7.6(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyAug-09FLP$8.1(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Health insurance agentAug-09LLC$2.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding companyAug-09LLC$7.6(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyAug-09LLC$7.8(1)Estate taxes
Distributor of printed circuit boardsJun-09S Corp.$3.4 S Corp Conversion
On-line training and communicationsMay-09C Corp.$5.8 Options valuation
Asset holding companyApr-09LLC$8.1(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyMar-09LLC$8.5(1)Estate taxes
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelMar-09S Corp.$45.6 Strategic planning
Foodservice DistributorMar-09S Corp.$95.1 Sale valuation
Software for cemeteries & funeral homesNov-08C Corp.$5.8 Sale valuation
RestaurantNov-08LP$5.0 Estate taxes
Convenience Store DistributorOct-08S Corp.$35.0 Sale valuation
Investment advisorOct-08S Corp.$20.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding companyAug-08Trust$1.5(1)Estate taxes
Stainless steel tube fabricatorJul-08S Corp.$9.3 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Training companyJul-08S Corp.$1.5 IRS Sec. 409a (emp benefits)
Restaurant chainMay-08LLC$14.0 Estate taxes
RestaurantMay-08LLC$5.1 Estate taxes
Manufacturer of latex and latex glovesMar-08C Corp.$132.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Advertising agencyMar-08C Corp.$11.0 Acquisition
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelDec-07S Corp.$45.6 Strategic planning
Asset holding companyDec-07LLC$11.1(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Manufacturer of printed circuit boardsNov-07C Corp.$11.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorSep-07S Corp.$16.6 Buy-Sell Agreement
Stainless steel tube fabricatorJul-07S Corp.$7.8 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelJul-07S Corp.$45.6 Buy-Sell Agreement
Digital media companyJun-07LLCNA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Manufacturer of test equipmentMar-07S Corp.$1.7 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMar-07C Corp.$38.3 Shareholder Buyout
Mechanical and plumbing constructionFeb-07C Corp.$38.3 ESOP
PR ConsultingDec-06S Corp.$22.6 Buy-Sell Agreement
ManufacturerOct-06S Corp.$8.6 Sale valuation
Investment advisorOct-06S Corp.$0.8 Redemption
Software ProviderSep-06LLC$11.5 Sale valuation
Investment advisorAug-06S Corp.$14.2 Buy-Sell Agreement
Mechanical and plumbing constructionJul-06C Corp.$38.9 ESOP
Marine manufacturerJun-06S Corp.$23.7 Sale valuation
Fishing equipment supplierJun-06S Corp.$5.2 Sale valuation
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelJun-06S Corp.$42.7 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding companyApr-06LLC$4.6(1)Estate taxes
Manufacturer of windowsFeb-06S Corp.$19.6 Sale valuation
Distributor of heating oilsFeb-06S Corp.$41.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Toy manufacturerJan-06LLCNA Buy-Sell Agreement
Real estate projectNov-05LLC$2.5 Acquisition
Real estate projectOct-05LLCNA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Investment advisorSep-05S Corp.$12.4 Buy-Sell Agreement
Medical/Surgical CenterSep-05S Corp$12.8 Shareholder Buyout
Foodservice DistributorAug-05LLC$41.0 Sale valuation
Asset holding companyAug-05FLP$9.9(1)Estate taxes
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelJun-05S Corp.$40.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Software for cemeteries & funeral homesJun-05C Corp.$5.0 IRS Sec. 409a (emp benefits)
Construction companyJun-05C Corp.$1.3 Estate taxes
Produce distributorMay-05S Corp.$26.6 S Corp Conversion
Real estate projectMay-05LLC$2.5 Acquisition
Research data for banksApr-05LLC$32.2 Shareholder Buyout
Mechanical contractorApr-05C Corp.$9.4 Sale valuation
Engineering firm – product designApr-05S Corp.$3.7 Sale valuation
Mechanical and plumbing constructionFeb-05C Corp.$53.4 ESOP
Distributor of gasolineJan-05C Corp.$11.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Green power producerJan-05LLCNA Fund Raising
Thoroughbred race trackDec-04LLC$147.0 Rights Offering
Manufacturer of printed circuit boardsNov-04C Corp.$20.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Distributor of heating oilsOct-04S Corp.$32.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Engineering firmOct-04LLC$5.0 Strategic Planning
Broadline food distributorSep-04S Corp.$105.0 Sale valuation
Investment advisorJul-04S Corp.$11.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Athletic retailerJun-04S Corp.$13.9 Sale valuation
Mechanical and plumbing constructionJun-04C Corp.$58.8 ESOP
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelJun-04S Corp.$40.2 Buy-Sell Agreement
Home improvement productsMar-04C Corp.$200.0 Purchase and fund raising
Home improvement productsMar-04C Corp.$13.0 Purchase and fund raising
Home improvement productsMar-04C Corp.$7.9 Purchase and fund raising
Home improvement productsMar-04C Corp.$8.5 Purchase and fund raising
Broadline food distributorFeb-04S Corp.$49.4 Sale valuation
Internet content providerFeb-04C Corp.$5.9 Purchase and fund raising
Enterprise application softwareFeb-04C Corp.$307.0 Bank Loan Support
Real EstateJan-04C Corp.$0.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Sports entertainment facilityJan-04LLCNA Fund Raising
Foodservice redistributorDec-03S Corp.$32.0 Sale valuation
Real estate LLCDec-03LLC$0.3(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Real estate LLCDec-03LLC$6.3(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Electrical distributorNov-03C Corp.$30.0 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Wireless broadband providerAug-03C Corp.NA Fund Raising
Investment advisorMay-03S Corp.$8.8 Buy-Sell Agreement
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMay-03C Corp.$53.2 ESOP
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-03S Corp.$41.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding companyMar-03FLP$6.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companyMar-03FLP$6.3(1)Estate taxes
Broadline food distributorMar-03S Corp.$38.8 Sale valuation
Internet content providerMar-03C Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Thoroughbred race trackMar-03LLC$165.0 Rights Offering
ContractorFeb-03S Corp.$5.1 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companyJan-03LLC$8.2(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyDec-02LLC$8.1(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Manufacturer and broker of bio-ethanolNov-02C Corp.$449.2 Purchase and fund raising
Produce distributorOct-02S Corp.$33.5 Sale valuation
Restaurant chainSep-02S Corp.$140.0 Shareholder Buyout
Stainless steel tube fabricatorSep-02S Corp.$3.6 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Manufacturer of aviation equipmentAug-02LLC$1.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Convenience Store DistributorJul-02C Corp.$464.9 Sale valuation
Asset holding companyJul-02LP$3.5(1)Estate taxes
Real estateJul-02GP$1.9(1)Estate taxes
Asset holding companyJun-02LLC$3.8(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Long-term acute care chainJun-02C Corp.$73.0 Purchase and fund raising
Investment advisorJun-02S Corp.$0.8 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorJun-02S Corp.$8.3 Buy-Sell Agreement
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMay-02C Corp.$53.3 ESOP
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-02S Corp.$41.2 Buy-Sell Agreement
Powdered metal manufacturerApr-02S Corp.$3.8 Shareholder Buyout
Promotional and marketing eventsMar-02S Corp.$7.5 Buy-Sell Agreement
Psychiatric services providerFeb-02C Corp.$23.0 Fund Raising
Food brokerDec-01S Corp.$1.8 Corporate Planning
Produce distributorDec-01S Corp.$23.7 Buy-Sell Agreement
Software for cemeteries & funeral homesDec-01C Corp.$5.1 Incentive Stock Option Plan
Manufacturer of steel studs and related productsDec-01C Corp.$4.8 Corporate Planning
Real estate limited partnershipNov-01LP$1.6(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Broadline food distributorNov-01C Corp.$225.0 Sale valuation
Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing consulting firmJul-01C Corp.$0.2 Corporate Distribution – Majority
Health club and related servicesJun-01LLCNA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Real estate limited liability companyMay-01LLC$3.1(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMay-01C Corp.$26.8 ESOP
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-01S Corp.$40.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Web-enabled platform for syndicated loan marketApr-01C Corp.$- Exercise Price of Options
Business-to-business e-commerceApr-01C Corp.$- Exercise Price of Options
Manufacturer and seller of workstationsApr-01C Corp.$4.5 Sale valuation
Broadline food distributorApr-01S Corp.$43.9 Sale valuation
Broadline food distributorMar-01C Corp.$131.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Investment advisorMar-01S Corp.$8.5 Buy-Sell Agreement
Wireless Internet service providerMar-01C Corp.$2.7 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Seller, installer and servicer of POS systemsFeb-01C Corp.$7.4 Sale valuation
Manufacturer of data storage solutionsFeb-01C Corp.$5.0 Sale valuation
Manufacturer of test equipmentJan-01C Corp.$2.8 Sale valuation
Manufacturer of pressure sensitive labelsDec-00S Corp.$3.5 Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Internet management consulting firmDec-00C Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Aggregator of market data & financial newsDec-00C Corp.$5.5 Charitable Gift Tax Reporting
Distributor of computer componentsNov-00C Corp.$42.5 Fund Raising
Broadline food distributorNov-00C Corp.$99.8 Sale valuation
Manufacturer and operator of PET scanningOct-00C Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Developer and manufacturer of advanced technologyOct-00C Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Manufacturer and seller of pensSep-00S Corp.$1.1 Sale valuation
Distributor of plumbing and heating suppliesSep-00C Corp.$6.0 Sale valuation
Middleware management solutions softwareSep-00C Corp.$6.0 Matrimonial Action
Multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firmAug-00C Corp.$4.6 Buy-Sell Agreement
Electronic publishingAug-00C Corp.$2.8 Fund Raising
Manufacturer of kiosksAug-00S Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Food brokerAug-00S Corp.$7.7 Shareholder Buyout
Softwood sawmillJul-00C Corp.$4.7 Sale valuation
Retailer of lumber, building materials & home productsJun-00S Corp.$33.1 Shareholder Buyout
Grocery deliveryMay-00C Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMay-00C Corp.$29.5 ESOP
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-00S Corp.$36.3 Buy-Sell Agreement
Real estate limited partnershipApr-00LP$1.6(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Asset holding companyApr-00C Corp.$2.0(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Distributor of doorsApr-00S Corp.$2.5 Sale valuation
Investment advisorMar-00S Corp.$8.0 Buy-Sell Agreement
Broadline food distributorFeb-00S Corp.$83.6 Sale valuation
Apparel screen printingFeb-00S Corp.$5.2 S Corp Conversion
Broadline food distributorJan-00S Corp.$7.9 S Corp Conversion
Boat builderNov-99S Corp.$1.4 Sale valuation
Limousine manufacturerNov-99C Corp.$26.7 Strategic Planning
Distributor of surface mount equipmentOct-99C Corp.$50.0 Purchase and fund raising
Auditor of healthcare billingsOct-99S Corp.$0.6 Strategic Planning
Outsourced contract software developmentOct-99C Corp.$2.1 Fund Raising
Software developmentSep-99C Corp.$0.9 Section 301 Distribution of Property
Asset holding companyAug-99LP$1.5(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Developer of software for construction firmsAug-99S Corp.$4.4 Management Planning
Broadline food distributorJun-99C Corp.$98.2 Sale valuation
Commercial glass installationMay-99C Corp.$2.6 Shareholder Buyout
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMay-99C Corp.$24.9 ESOP
Software developmentMay-99C Corp.$0.9 Section 301 Distribution of Property
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-99S Corp.$33.2 Buy-Sell Agreement
Manufacturer of printed circuit boardsApr-99C Corp.$19.4 Management Planning
Assisted living facilityApr-99LPNA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Sports investment bankApr-99LLCNA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Chain of sports retail storesApr-99C Corp.$7.3 Refinancing
LTL trucking companyFeb-99C Corp.$11.3 Sale valuation
Healthcare software firmFeb-99C Corp.$1.0 Fund Raising
Distributor of heating oilJan-99S Corp.$26.6 Acquisition
Manufacturer of surface mount technologyJan-99C Corp.NA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Design/manufacture electric actuatorsDec-98C Corp.$4.7 IRS Sec. 83 (income taxes)
Design/manufacture visual merchandising productsDec-98C Corp.$19.8 Buy-Sell Agreement
Asset holding partnershipSep-98LP$2.7(1)Estate Planning/Gifting of Shares
Distributor of computer componentsSep-98C Corp.$400.0 Strategic Planning
Investment advisorAug-98S Corp.$5.7 Buy-Sell Agreement
Leasing companyJul-98LLCNA Fund Raising – Development Stage
Satellite broadcasterJul-98S Corp.$5.0 Fund Raising
Nurse temping agencyJun-98S Corp.$2.6 Sale valuation
Mechanical and plumbing constructionMay-98C Corp.$21.0 ESOP
Broadline food distributorApr-98C Corp.$97.0 Sale valuation
Manufacturer of microwave antennaeApr-98C Corp.$18.5 ESOP
Retailer of sporting gear and apparelApr-98S Corp.$36.3 Buy-Sell Agreement
Manufacturer of printed circuit boardsDec-97C Corp.15.0 ESOP
Wholesale lumberyardDec-97C Corp.31.4 Strategic Planning

(1) Net Asset Value