Retirement Plan Design

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retirement_blockOur retirement plan architects are focused on creating cost-effective and practical retirement plan solutions.

 Through Baldwin & Clarke Retirement Plan Services, Inc., we work closely with clients as independent retirement plan consultants. Simply put, our hallmark being advanced plan design. When approached thoughtfully, a qualified plan can be used as a tool for a number of needs, estate, and business planning purposes. Did you know a plan can be used for (amongst other applications):

o Funding a buy/sell agreement

o Providing additional liquidity

o A vehicle to acquire life insurance for both owner & participants

 Irrespective of the nuanced strategies above, our mission is to help design and implement creative retirement plans that best fit the vision and goals of our clients. Our focus is on small to midsize businesses, where we are uniquely qualified to tailor solutions that best fit the income tax and employee benefit objectives of an owner and entrepreneur. We achieve this through: