Approach and Process

 The Baldwin & Clarke Plan Architect approach is simply the following: Design a qualified retirement plan that works, built upon practical strategies that you can implement.

Our process is comprised of:

 · Qualified Retirement Plan Design: This includes the drafting and preparation of plan documents. Whether you are amending an existing plan or starting from scratch, we take the time up front to ask the right questions, review existing documents, listen carefully and create options. The Plan Design is influenced by your type of business, employee size, company demographics, and company goals.

· Plan Installation & Investment Management: After the plan design process, we can, if appropriate and desired by the client, develop the investment offering and strategies for the owner of the plan and the participants. Our investment professionals at Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services, Inc. assist clients in setting up the investment platform and helping facilitate participant education. A plan is a benefit, and that benefit can only be enjoyed and amplified through adoption. As a result, we take pride in our ability to inform both the owner and the employees about plan features and investment options. To learn more about our wealth management services, please click here.

 · Third Party Plan administration and recordkeeping:  We provide administrative services provided through a trusted partnership with an independent, NH-based TPA firm with extensive experience in actuarial consulting, defined benefit and cash balance pension plans, defined contribution and 401(K) plans. This strategic partnership adds to our design capabilities and further offers services in the form of administration, actuarial services, and document preparation.