Risk Management

“Many people worry that insurance planning can be an intimidating process. We focus on educating our clients so that they can make informed decisions on protecting themselves and their families.” – Charles H. Baldwin ChFC, CLU, MBA – Principal.

Our Risk Management Solution provides fee only legacy and financial planning services. Each Risk Management Solution designed plan is tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, vision and values. Insurance can be a key component of a comprehensive legacy or financial plan, and consequently, where appropriate, insurance is integrated into the design solutions.

We have a long and successful track record of providing creative and appropriate insurance solutions as a risk management tool. However, we never view insurance in silo, but rather as a critical output of our planning process. We analyze and offer life insurance to provide the dual benefit of savings and security.

Life insurance as a risk management tool includes the advantages of:

  • Cover uncertainties and security quality of life
  • Long-term investment tool
  • Savings and cash accumulation
  • Growth through dividend
  • Protection against rising health expenses
  • Added loan capacity
  • Mortgage redemption
  • Tax benefits

Life Insurance Premium Financing: Many high net worth clients have life insurance needs which require substantial premiums. Annual and lifetime gift limitations may be a problem when policies are owned by an irrevocable trust. Premium financing may be the answer. Individual or corporate policy owners may have other uses for their assets and may prefer to use a loan to pay premiums for a period of time. In some cases the loan rates may provide financial arbitrage.

There are a wide array of premium financing options and strategies; loans may be short term or long term, recourse or non-recourse, fixed rate or floating rate. The Risk Management Solution works with numerous financing sources to find the option best suited to a client’s needs. Perhaps the most important aspect of The Risk Management Solution process is our focus on the critical loan repayment aspects of the arrangement, especially in the context of overall legacy planning.

Life Settlements: There is a substantial market for existing life insurance policies. If a senior insured no longer has the need for life insurance coverage, it may be possible to sell his or her policy in the open market for a sum greater than the policy’s surrender value. However this market has had transparency issues. The Risk Management Solution has the capacity to search the life settlement market with the client’s best interests in mind. Full transparency is assured.

Business Succession Planning and Executive Benefts: The Risk Management Solution has extensive experience in designing business succession plans and the insurance solutions they may require, insurance designs for estate liquidity needs and executive compensation plans.

Insurance Fulfllment: The Risk Management Solution has global access to the insurance markets through our extensive industry relationships. Our open-architecture approach enables us to secure the life, disability, long-term care and annuity products most suited to a client’s needs. For ultra-high net worth clients we can secure private placement life policies.

Our knowledge and experience in impaired risk underwriting often enables us to place coverage where others have failed.