Integrated Wealth Solution

A holistic approach that aligns with your goals and objectives. 

Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services, Inc. Integrated Wealth Solution is an institutional investment process rooted in the premise that successful long-term investment results are achieved when strategic portfolio allocations are broadly diversified and adhered to over time, and when manager and market risks are successfully managed.  We believe that downside protection will have a more significant impact on compounded long-term returns than will upside outperformance. 

We have a comprehensive fee-based service that utilizes a centralized, institutional- quality investment process supported by an independent, open-architecture, “manager of managers” platform and robust, proprietary tools and technology. We provide clients full access to all global traditional and alternative asset classes. In addition, we provide you with regular written reports for all of your investments (liquid and illiquid) and other assets that highlights performance and risk profiles.

 If these six attributes are on your list, we should probably meet.

Focused Personal Advice

We work with you to understand the financial implications of your goals (your liabilities) relative to your resources (your assets), and to recommend an optimal portfolio to help you achieve those goals (how best to optimize your assets to meet your liabilities)…and we regularly review progress toward your goals. Your tolerance for risk is important to us, we will advise you on what we believe your risk profile needs to be in order to achieve your goals.

Tax Sensitivity

It is one of the most critical attributes we look for in selecting asset managers. We understand the importance of net, after-tax return on your investments

Track Record

Simply put, successful individuals want to be advised by successful professionals. Our principals are seasoned financial professionals with an average of more than 20 years of relevant experience in their disciplines – and track records that demonstrate both performance and integrity.

Transparent Reporting

No black boxes, no smoke and mirrors. Our practice is to report individual manager performance to the client each quarter, across all asset classes, and meet personally with you at least once a year. We provide you with a written report for all of your investments (liquid and illiquid) and other assets that highlights performance and risk profiles, and we answer any questions you have in plain English, not investment-speak.


Harry Markowitz. David Swensen. Benoit Mandelbrot. These giants of investment research theory and practice all agree that if there is one key to a portfolio’s success, it is diversification over the long term. We wholeheartedly agree, and provide our clients with access to all meaningful categories of a global investment platform.


Because we are a private company – not part of a large investment manufacturing platform – our only priority is to understand your financial needs, recommend an asset allocation strategy to align your resources with your goals, and then to choose portfolio managers with demonstrated expertise in their specified asset classes. In that way, we strive to provide the best solution for you.