Our Approach

A high touch, client service experience delivered through an open architecture of independence.

We utilize a management of managers approach to portfolio management. An asset allocation study, using monte-carlo simulation techniques, is used to develop a range of potentially suitable strategic portfolio structures, which quantify expected returns and risks for review with the client.  (A core belief is that our clients and we should be on the same page with respect to managing expectations for return and risk.)  The agreed upon asset allocation is then populated with world-class investment managers and/or mutual funds (including ETF’s where appropriate) for each broad and sub asset class. Tactical adjustments to the strategic allocation are made as market conditions warrant. The selected managers and funds are reviewed and monitored for performance, process and style consistency on an ongoing basis.

We Recommend Diversification.

Diversification improves portfolio characteristics by allowing investors to achieve higher returns for a given level of risk. The chart below illustrates the unpredictable nature of individual asset class returns. That unpredictable nature is evident over longer periods as well, confirming that an investor is typically well served by a broadly diversified portfolio.