Our Investment Platform

Extensive and comprehensive access to a broad array of investment options.

The financial markets have grown increasingly complex over the last 25 years. However, that complexity also creates opportunities for diligent, qualified managers to improve the efficiency of client portfolios. We seek to capitalize on the opportunities the financial markets offer when managing client assets by offering a broad platform of asset classes.

Broad Asset Classes

CashEquityDebtReal EstateCommodities

Sub-Asset Classes

TaxableDeveloped Markets PublicU.S. Government DebtIncome Producing REEnergy
Tax-ExemptEmerging Markets PublicInflation-Linked DebtNon-Income Producing REOther Natural Resources
 Private EquityMunicipal DebtREITsAgricultural Products
  Investment Grade Debt Currencies
  Non-Investment Grade Debt  
  Emerging Market Debt  

Absolute Return Strategies

 Long/Short EquityFixed Income ArbitrageREITsManaged Futures
 Market Neutral EquityDistressed Debt  
  Leveraged Loans  
  Asset Backed Loans  
 Event Driven – Special Situations – Statistical – Convertible – Merger Arbitrage  
Global Macro – Multi-Strategy – Fund-of-Funds