Our Philosophy & Principles

It starts with a conversation and a true understanding of what matters.

BCASI develops client specific asset allocations and portfolios.  Clients are not “shoehorned” into predetermined model portfolios with identical manager/fund structures.

We believe that an institutional investment process based on sound asset allocation principals, diligent manager selection and monitoring and adherence to process offers many benefits.  Included among them are the potential for superior risk adjusted returns and managed expectations that translate into peace of mind. For fiduciaries, it offers the protection of a “prudent process”, provided that the process is properly monitored. 


Wealth Management Principles


We focus with our clients on a long-term investment horizon consistent with their objectives and future income/liabilities. We believe in broad diversification and an active rebalancing of portfolios over time, but understand that some clients have a more focused risk/return objective.
We are committed to a truly independent, “manager of managers” platform which serves the long-term interests of our clients, providing access to world class managers across all major asset classes, globally. We select from the best available managers in the world.
We believe that over the long run the asset allocation decision is the priority decision for most portfolios. We aggressively conduct diligence on all managers selected for a client and we monitor their investment style and performance over the life of the client investment.
We seek to deliver positive, absolute returns to our clients, after tax and after all expenses. We provide client portfolio reports on a timely basis in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive format.