Independent Financial
Advisory Services

Dedicated business and personal advisory professionals

Baldwin & Clarke provides thought leadership, guidance, and creative financial solutions throughout our clients’ evolution. Through the ability to integrate key personal and business planning strategies, we are able to offer large company capabilities, delivered with responsiveness and designed to simplify your life.


As an independent financial firm, we are only beholden to our clients. We are free to: 

  • Advocate for their vision
  • Serve as sounding boards
  • Work as trusted advisors to help them navigate towards their personal and professional goals.
We offer a complete set of relationship-based advisory services developed specifically for: 

  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals & Professionals
  • Families


Business Planning

  • M&A Advisory
  • Business valuations
  • Strategic & financial consulting
  • Exit planning
  • Continuity & succession planning
  • Retirement & executive benefit plan design

Personal Planning

  • Financial planning
  • Wealth transfer & legacy planning
  • Independent investment advisory services
  • Risk management & life insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Fiduciary guidance

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B&C Blog

Ask Your Financial Advisor?

The Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services team meets with several investment management companies throughout the year and reads countless market reviews and analyses provided by them and other investment sources. Not surprisingly, we have found a few current topics you may want to discuss with your financial advisor.

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Do Current Market Conditions Pose Additional Risks for Passive Investors?

While Baldwin & Clarke Advisory Services, Inc. (“BCASI”) makes use of S&P 500 based ETF index funds to a limited degree in some client portfolios, we remain wary of certain embedded risks in market based investing, the most obvious being the lack of downside protection. Another is that the performance of the most popular indices is disproportionately driven by the largest companies, as measured by market capitalization. So called “cap weighted” indices.

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